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An Actual Smart Thermometer

We've recently moved to a house rather than a flat[0]. I've noticed that adjusting radiators to get equal temperatures in various rooms is an art not a science. I know the Nest exists but it's not smart enough. Here's what I want: Firstly just ditch the cloud. The small Read More

Fire TV Stick

I bought a Fire TV Stick. Despite the adverts featuring one Jeremy Clarkson (if Amazon could stop marketing towards centrist dads that'd be amazing). Why though? Well we've been using the Xbox One as the media center/hub/platform for ages now. I bought the Xbone with my first real Read More

Pixel 2

I post about two things here, games and Google products. I bought a Pixel 2 (non XL 64GB) and it arrived yesterday. My oh my is this a lovely device. No weird issues with keyboards like the Pixel C. Just a beautiful device with rock solid software (so far). We'll Read More