Running Nets

I’ve not forgotten Netrunner! In fact I’ve been playing it more recently than ever before and I can tell you that it’s probably my favorite game.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been on a massive CyberPunk binge recently and it all started in January when my friends were planning Jon’s birthday present.

I knew for a fact that Jon really liked Netrunner when we played it in the past but he didn’t pick up a core set. So the logical thing was for us to get him a core set and a few data packs to jump start his collection. The problem was that I had keep the boxes in my room for over a month, whilst also trying to avoid talking about Netrunner too much and making sure Jon didn’t buy anything in the meantime. I was quietly playing on OCTGN over a beer or two.

Fast forward a few weeks and our entire house now plays Netrunner. I picked up a second core set to add to my mountain of expansions. Harry now has two core sets and Ben is quickly amassing data packs and deluxe expansions. Jack has even played a few games which he enjoyed!

We’ve discovered that the Hallamshire House is a fantastic place to play. They’ve got lots of space, decent lighting in the daytime and delicious beer. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon running nets.

Tonight we’ve got a couple of people coming over who we are going to teach them how to play. Fingers crossed they’ll like it. We’ll probably throw runner decks at them and teach them the basics. Our teaching style is probably a bit harsh in the sense we don’t give them “simple” decks. Our friends are smart so can probably handle it.

The next step is probably to step out into the Sheffield meta. We know people regularly run in Patriot Games on Wednesday evenings. The problem is that it’s a bit of a trek and the walk back involves scaling Mt. Walkley. If I know anything about the Netrunner community it is that the people will be absolutely lovely. I really want to play in the Regionals in May which will probably require me to go down to Patriot Games to get more practice.

The message of this is, PLAY NETRUNNER.

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