Realm of Battle Board

It's that time again: Dave builds some terrain for speculative wargames games.

I managed to buy a set of Realm of Battle boards, years after they stopped being sold. For less than retail including shipping! Praise be.

In my excitement I spent my lunch break attacking the first 3 panels with primer. Two are already quite thickly painted but I think BioStrip will deal with that.

6 2x2ft boards. It never fails to surprise me how big a typical table is supposed to be.

I'll follow a similar process to the Kill Team board I did a few years ago and post photos as I go. As these are 2x2ft rather than 1.5x1.5ft, I'll be doing them one at a time.

The vague plan is:

  • Prime
  • Mid/dark earth tone base coat
  • Dark earth wash
  • Dry brush up to light earth
  • Similar for rocky areas but with grey
  • Pick out the skulls
  • Matte varnish to protect
  • Apply turf basically all over
  • Selective static grass in corners
  • Maybe some shrubs

Hopefully I'll actually get some use out of these, unlike the Kill Team board which never got used, and the half done foam base board I started recently. The RoBB has some advantages:

  • Already square
  • Lightweight but rigid
  • Stackable even with their varying terrain
  • Comes with a case for nice storage under a bed
Robust case for carying it about.

Once they're all done I plan on putting fabric between each board in the case to avoid things rubbing or banging too much. I don't plan on carrying these anywhere but I'd like my work to stand some chance.

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