Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey & Valhalla

I managed to source an Xbox Series X late last year. I’ve been playing a lot of Assassins Creed since then.

There was a sale and picked up Odyssey for really cheap and proceeded to put 70+ hours into it. It’s brilliant. After not playing an AC game since 3 it was great to see the series improved the formula quite a bit. Combat felt better than I remember. The story was fun and Kassandra was incredibly likeable. Getting the “Good” ending is worth it I feel. The segments set in the future are always jarring but the payoff is very cool.

I’ve two complaints about Odyssey. The first is the levelling system is just rubbish. You constantly level up beyond your gear and enemies are perpetually rubber-banded to 4 levels below your current level. You never really feel the power curve. The second complain is how same-y various mechanics/activities feel. Once you get a good set of combat moves there’s never an impetus to change. Likewise approaching any of the leader houses, forts, or stealth sections are all ultimately the same.

I think my complaints about Odyssey are mostly resolved in Valhalla which I also bought on sale.