Using Todoist

About a month ago Niklas from the Sixgun Discord sent me an invite to this service called Todist. Little did I know how much I needed it!

Imagine a Project Tracking system like Jira but designed for life as well as being not terrible. You can make tasks, assign them to people[0], give a deadline, add some comments, and put them in projects. Pretty simple CRUD right? Well yes but the execution is where the magic is.

The UI is really clean (not horribly cluttered like Jira) and very fast (unlike an entire company working on one Jira instance). Inviting people to collaborate on a project is as simple as typing in their email address. The workflow for creating tasks is very simple, you can put as much detail as you want.

We’ve been using it to move house. Previously we maintained a series of Google Keep checklists for various things like: stuff we need to buy, DIY stuff, bills, and a huge amount of garden faff. You can share and order notes in Keep but that’s about it. Todist’s extra features allows us greater oversight over who is doing what and when. The comments section allows us to attach some extra info, links, or context to a tasks without cluttering up the view. Giving things a deadline and making them recur is really nice, it allows me to put a task in and offload it until later when I actually need to do the task.

There’s a gamified aspect that’s called Karma where you can set how many tasks you want to try to complete a day. I’m not sure how useful this is currently. Most days I end up checking off more than the default five without “pushing myself” to do more. We’re not trying to use it to do more but not get stressed while doing the same amount without forgetting about things.

Importantly is that their business model is more clear. They charge from premium (I’m on a 3 month trial of it). This means I can see how they’ll keep running. Google Keep probably isn’t a great place to invest in given Google’s Big Data(TM) dystopia and their propensity for killing well loved products.

I really hope Todist sticks around and doesn’t aqcui-killed by some massive company. I’ll definitely be renewing premium when it expires.

[0] - when I first joined this was semi broken, but a short Twitter exchange with the company and a few days of dev time it was fixed.