Pixel C Ten Months On

It’s been almost ten months since I got the Pixel C so I think it’s about time I got around to writing more about it. I think I promised I would “finalise” my thoughts on it on an episode of GNR.

If you’re looking for a mid review turn around you aren’t going to find it. This little thing has been a joy to use! Things only got better once android Nougat turned up and we got the split screen features. I can type this and have watch YouTube at the same time! THE FUTURE. Or at least feature parity with a laptop.

The form factor is grand. I don’t need anything more. The keyboard’s slightly weird layout grew on me and I find myself regularly using the search key.

There’s still the wow factor when I whip it out. “WOAAAAHHHH what’s that?” “Oh this? It’s just the cool flagship tablet that no-one knows about” The detachable keyboard is grand!

Most apps support it perfectly fine. Instagram still does not play ball in landscape mode but hey, that’s fine.

The vast majority of my server administration has been done from it. Only recently has the Linux subsystem for Windows taken over as I’ve done some more development stuff. The Pixel C isn’t a good place for development I’ve found but I’m not too bothered about that.

I’ve found reading on it really nice. Comixology, Kindle and recently White Dwarf are all a joy to use and being able to carry lots of stuff with me has been great.

Using it as a Chromecasting hub has been great. To cast Plex or YouTube to the TV is very easy and gets used all the time.

I’ve not had any hardware issues with it yet. The screen is still lovely. The battery life is good. The hinge is still firm. No fault there.

All in all I’ve really enjoyed using it and it’s got far more use than a tablet and/or laptop. I’d recommend it if you’ve got similar use cases to me.