Pixel C in a Post 2 World

As it tradition here, I write about the latest expensive big of Google kit I’ve bought. As we know I bought the Pixel C so fill the gap betwixt phone and computer. At the end of last year I bought the Pixel 2 to replace my One Plus X.

How are the two playing ball? Well it’s not good for the Pixel C. I barely ever use it. The last two times I found it useful we’re at EVE Manchester where it provided the music for the event (but that was just Spotify and it was useful because it meant I could have my phone on me) and when my better half wants to watch TV while I’m podcasting (the flat is small ok).

Performance wise the Pixel 2 is still good but it does take an AGE to charge and turn on. The keyboard is still very nice to have on Android.

What do I find myself wanting from the Pixel C then? On holiday I wish I had a device to offload my photos onto. I take quite a lot of photos and in the evenings it’d be good to get sorting through them rather than having a few thousand to go through when I get home. Sometimes I get the urge just to hack something, maybe do some code kata or just write some code to do a thing to see if I can. I can’t do either of those with the tablet.

Is it time to sell? Would anyone even want it? :/