I’ve signed up for a Mastodon account. I had a poke around there a few years ago but it was almost entirely people talking about how great Mastodon is. Now there seems to be a (sub)critical mass of people where you can just have a conversation about stuff that isn’t Mastodon. It’s got a bit of the quiet pub vibe that did back in 2010ish. So far it’s nice.

My handle there is so follow me there.

Why am I there? Well I guess I’m hedging my bets as to where my online friends end up. Posting on both Mastodon and Twitter but without cross posting. had a very good post on his reasoning for not cross posting. Why spend the effort on both? Well I think you have to give the new platform a fair chance and interact rather than just becoming another dead account.

Some scattershot observations on it:

  • Musk buying Twitter seems to be a much bigger kick up the ass than I’d expected
  • The sign-up process is baffling fewer people now & users have grokked federation better
  • The software seems much more slick and responsive than five years ago
  • I think there’s still an vibe that is the real server. Which is obviously bobbins but I would still rather have an account there maybe?

Let’s see where this goes.