Clojure REPL in VS Code

I’m tinkering around with Clojure at the moment and have found the tooling to be quite nice.

My setup is:

  • VS Code running on my Windows 10 machine
  • WSL 2 running Ubuntu 20.04
  • Installed leiningen on Ubuntu
  • Open VS Code and connect to the Ubuntu machine with the Remote - WSL plugin installed on Windows
  • Install Calva on the Ubuntu side[0]
  • Open up your clojure project and then “jack in” to the repl with “Calva: Start A Project REPL and Connect” which you can find in the standard CTRL+SHIFT+P menu, select leiningen and you’re away.

Start running lines (forms) by selecting it with your cursor and hitting SHIFT+ENTER or by running “Calva: Evaluate Current Form” which will output in the REPL window on the right and show it next to the form in the text editor.

[0] - I imagine running it all on your local machine also works