A Week with the Pixel C

I’m keeping it. I’m not sure I need to say more really. It’s an excellent device with some flaws in the software that fingers crossed will get fixed.

In the last week I’ve been using it as much as I think I used my laptop and tablet beforehand. Writing these posts, Chromecasting stuff to the TV, tweaking and updating servers. It’s handled everything very well. The battery life is great. Especially as I’m using it more like a laptop and my Lenovo has about 2 hours of light use in it.

I think I’ve talked enough about how much I like the device. I should point out the flaws I’ve found.

App Support

A fair few apps just don’t run well. Twitter’s scrolling sucks but I’ve replaced that with Talon. Talon looks amazing and performs really well. So much so that I’m probably going to swap to that on my phone too.

Apps that force portrait mode are a really pain in the arse. Stuff like Instagram (yeah I like photos of food and cats) and the National Rail app force portrait mode. This is naff because there seems to be no reason for them to do that. I did try attatching the screen to the keyboard in landscape mode but that doesn’t work and holding the tabtop sideways feels stupid.

App issues can be resolved. Hopefully. Providing there are devs that give a shit and have the time.


The number of times I’ve wanted it have been very few. Actually it was once. I wanted to have a guide to setting up Plex on one half and ConnectBot on the other. Really we’ve got to wait for the next version of Android to see if Google add that. I don’t think I’d use it much but it would be useful on occasion.

One thing I have noticed is that with the device forcing me into monotasking is that I do feel more focused. Not sure I can really have anything more substantial to say about that without control groups and a lot of free time.


Not really much wrong here. One time I did end up typing “finnnd” rather than “find” because they keyboard got a little excited.