3 Months With Todoist

TLDR: I’m still using Todoist but a bit less extremely.

I’ve almost finished my free trial of Todoist so I figured I’d dump my thoughts about it again.

It’s still the best TODO service I’ve seen. All my tasks still go in it and I still refer to it daily. Which is better than previous attempts at stuff like that.

Recurring tasks don’t seem to work as I’d like. For example I’d like to set up a recurring task to change the sheets on the bed. However I find if I miss the day and do it later, it seems to mess up the scheduling which sucks. I’ve not managed to reproduce it exactly so I’ve not submitted a bug report.

I use it a hell of a lot less than I did two months ago but I think that’s just because life is a bit quieter now. We aren’t doing multiple things to the house a day and there aren’t a load of tradespeople to organise.

I find I use it more for tracking/remembering more long term tasks. For example this post. A few weeks ago I decided I should do some follow up on Todoist so I just added a task to my Blog project. Easy.

The karma system is pointless. It’s trying to gamify your life and I’m just not inspired by it at all. I’d turn it off but it just enables itself again. Damn.

Will I pay for it? Well. On principle I think I should because I’d like to see it stay around. However I might try using it as a free user for a while to see what I’d be missing.