3 Days with the Pixel C

I’ve had the Pixel C for three days and I have to say I love it! I’ve done all my non gaming “computing” on it. It’s handled it really well!

Browsing the web has been really nice. Obviously some websites are just intrinsically shit like Tesco but everything else has worked well. On occasion I’ve accidentally clicked a link when I meant to scroll which was quite annoying but it just takes a bit of time to get used to touching a tabtop screen. A very nice surprise was that CTRL+T opens a new tab in Chrome.

Dealing with emails has been nice, I suppose this is because I already quite like the GMail app on android and it works in exactly the same way. There’s not really much to say about it because I feel Google already have this down to a fine art.

Text editing has honestly been a joy. Again I’m writing this using JotterPad and it’s fantastic. I’m not entirely sure how or if it possible to insert images into markdown files that I can then import into Ghost but just the writing experience is a great.

The keyboard. Honestly, what the hell are people talking about when they say the keyboard is flaky? I’ve not had a single instance of it disconnecting or skipping keys. I’m slowly getting used to the slightly different keyboard so there have been a few mistakes there but that’s getting less every time I use it.

Apps. Well. This is the only problem. It’s clear that some apps aren’t designed for the Pixel. Example is Instagram, it forces you into portrait mode. That’s a real pain. Twitter’s scrolling is a little laggy. However JotterPad, Evernote, Chrome, Plex, iPlayer, YouTube, Duolingo, etc. all work really well.

ConnectBot is really easy to setup. I can SSH into my servers through that and bam, I’ve got delicious Linux command line goodness.

So right now, so long as nothing changes I’ll be keeping the Pixel C.