State of the Podcasts August 2023

Back in 2017 I wrote about the podcasts I was listening to. Five years later here’s an update. I’m embedded in the Apple ecosystem so now my podcatcher is Apple Podcasts. This year’s choice cuts are as follows.

2 Good Boys is a classic Friends Chatting podcast.

AvTalk. I’ve been listening to this since just before the pandemic. It’s all about commercial aviation and is dead interesting.

Doctor Who: Too Hot For TV is my top pick for DW podcasts. It’s about spin off material, think Big Finish, Books, Comics, etc.

Enjoy An Album is about music but is really some friends having very funny chat. A highlight of the podcast release schedule.

Regular Features has been on rotation for a decade now. I am a bee.

The Back Page is about video games (and other media) but with more of a magazine style.

The Social Distant Sports Bar is another bunch of friends chatting. Not about sport as much as you’d expect.

Two Star Podcast won the podcast war. Another bunch of good lads chatting.