State of the Podcasts September 2017

x1101 sent a question to the podcast a few weeks back about what we’re listening to these days. At this moment I’ve got 29 feeds in my podcatcher (I still use Pocket Casts, recently it got SONOS support). I wont bore you with the full list but I’ll go through some of the choice cuts.

All Units is Sean McTiernan’s two year project to disect the Thriller movie. I don’t know anything about films and I learn stuff from this. I also really dig Sean’s humour.

Bad Voltage is my bi-weekly time where I agree with Stuart about tech things.

Gunpla Club, lads chatting about Gundam and Gunpla. If you’re at all into Gundam give them a listen.

Miniatures Monthly, more lads chatting. It’s from The Crate & Crowbar network(?) and is Tom+Chris talking about Warhammer every month.

Rum Doings has been going for a long time. It’s John Walker and Nick Mailer chatting about things. It’s gone a bit into dad-chat but I still enjoy it.

Run Last Click is basically my only Netrunner endulgence these days. Every episode reminds me of how great that game is.

Shot Reverse Shot another attempt at me trying to learn things about film. Edwin and Matt (+ guests while Matt is traveling) talk about films and I pretend to understand.

There are some honourable mentions, these are podcasts that are good but dead/probably dead:

  • The ParaPod
  • Midnight Resistance, it’s not dead yet but there’s one or two episodes left before they call it quits
  • Chat Very Good, I’m not sure if it’s dead but there’s not been an episode since May. Joe did mention in the pub that he wants to do more

It’s fairly clear that lads chatting about TOPIC is my favourite genre.