Consumerism 2021/22

Last year I wrote about useful stuff to buy/use. This will cover some useful stuff I found this year.

Order your coffee beans from a good roaster. Previously I’ve either had a Pact subscription or picked up random bags from cafes I’ve visited. Obviously with the Pando that’s been hard. I’ve taken to alternately ordering from Quarter Horse or Square Mile. I’ve been getting the filter roasts generally, always in bean form.

On the subject of coffee beans I am still a big fan of the Clever Dripper for immersion brewing. It’s been used everyday at least once.

A colleague recommended a steak press and I’ve never looked back. Any meat that goes in the pan gets the press for a better cook. Toasties too. I’m a big fan of a multi purpose kitchen tool.

Milk deliveries! We cut down massively on plastic waste by getting milk and orange juice delivered. They even do oat/nut milks if you’re feeling particularly noble. Throw in some eggs and bread and there were suddenly way fewer trips to the shops. We’re yet to really see how much of a faff going on holiday is or what happens in a heatwave but I imagine it’ll be fine.

A pizza steel! For Christmas I asked for 10kg of stainless steel to cook pizzas on. It’s a huge level up for your crispy bottoms. Takes a long time to warm up but it’s worth it, especially when you make the entire pizza from scratch.

I also was given a Meater meat thermometer for Christmas. Insert the wireless probe into the meat, set the cook parameters on the app and it works out how long it’s going to take to cook. It has really improved the consistancy of my roasts.

Buy a long bow? You should get into archery and you should try longbow. Get your bow from Bickerstaffee Bows and arrows from Joffs Arrows.