Will this pan change my life?

Non stick pans annoy me. When you buy them they’re incredibly effective. Then slowly degrade until they’re more stick than the alternatives. The prime example is my last pan which had a weird wavy texture that when the non stick coating failed, food would get stuck in the valleys. Awful experience, terrible design.

So I’m trying stainless steel. I’m not sure I have the discipline for seasoning cast iron pans yet. For Christmas I asked for a pan from Samuel Groves who make cookware here in Birmingham. As well as being local they will also service your pan which is very appealing when you’re considering purchases with a Built To Last mentality.

So far it has been good but with room for improvement. The first fried egg I cooked on it was perfect and didn’t stick at all. It felt like pure magic. I’ve cooked steaks with it and it’s been great. Subsequent eggs haven’t been so non stick, they’ve been more non stick than the old pan but less than the magic of the first outing. I think I’m currently going too hot. Maybe I’m not leaving things to sear long enough. Is there something I’m missing with cleaning it? There is certainly more skill and care required than with a new non stick pan.

These teething issues aside, I have high hopes. I’ve used at least four non stick pans as an adult, all eventually finding their ways into metal recycling. That’s not good at all is it? Hopefully this pan can last a lifetime. Maybe I can start looking at everything with this Built To Last mindset. Or at least more explicitly considering the decommissioning of everything I purchase.

Which of your possessions could last a lifetime? Let me know.