Another Attempt At Organising My Life

It’s that time again (just over a year in fact), I’m attempting to be organised. Well at least have a plan about what I’m doing. I probably should look back at what worked and what didn’t from the last attempt.

Pomodoro timers? Well that depends on what you’re doing really doesn’t it? I started using them as part of finishing my dissertation and they rocket. The app on my Pebble watch really helped me stay on track even if I did have a lot of waiting for calculations to run. I think this is primarily because writing my dissertation was an entirely solitary process. I wasn’t marching to anyone else’s drum so I could take those regular breaks. They don’t gel well with working at a company (yeah I do that now). Meetings get in the way, getting/giving help, not appearing to slack off. So that isn’t continuing.

The rigorous GTD and TSW notebooks in Evernote definitely don’t happen any more. This is because I don’t use Evernote any more. The new pricing model drove me away, it wasn’t important enough for me to pay for. I’d dip into these methods when things got really busy but most weeks they wouldn’t get touched.

So right now I’ve got nothing. Well, I’ve stared something as of an hour or so ago. BULLET JOURNALING. It’s essentially a way of keeping track of things to do on physical media (which is totally dead by the way) with a specific phase to prune down or postpone stuff. It’s very simple when you watch the video. Anyway it meant I had to buy a new Moleskine notebook and I refilled a Lamy Safari. There are some crappy photos below to give a sense of what’s going on:

I’ve got no idea if it will work, fingers crossed.