I Am Alive

I’ve pre-empted my last few posts with how long it’s been since the previous post. Well it’s been another two months and I’ve not finished much, and yet I am alive.

I have been continuing the path of the Retro Oner. I’ve made it through the XFM days and miss Vin a lot. I just finished the Self Assessment Tax Deadline episode in 2022. Hundreds of hours down and yet there’s more. I find Shame Wells really hard but it’s a very fun project, seeing the last decade compressed into a few months has been wild.

In terms of books I’ve got the following on the go:

  • Russia Revolution and Civil War - Beevor
  • Twelve Percent Dread - Emil McGovern
  • The Silver Bayonet - Joseph A McCullough
  • The Anarchy - William Dalrymple
  • Dune Messiah - Frank Herbert (how can a book be such a slog and yet so short???)
  • Red Devils - Mark Urban
  • Beyond the Wall - Katja Hoyer
  • Head First Software Architecture - Raju Gandhi, Mark Richards, Neal Ford
  • Chain of Command: Far East Handbook - Too Fat Lardies (Richard Clarke)
  • Marr’s Guitars - Johnny Marr (a superb gift from the Enjoy and Album)

Yeah. The classic attention span problem.

I’ve been embracing the Bosh Philosophy and painted loads of miniatures. I might post photos at some point.

I am alive.