2024 Aims

How did I do on last years goals?

  1. Paint more. Smashed it. Painted a lot of stuff I wanted to play with. Boshed out an infinity army and a bunch of 15mm historicals.

  2. Play more games with said painted miniatures. Pretty good. I did some Lard events and played with the Sheffield crew. I didn’t make it to the local club.

  3. Read more. Smashed it. 20 books which I mostly enjoyed. Non fiction is my jam.

  4. Be healthier. Progress is being made. Still a long way to go but the needle is shifting.

  5. Scroll less. Nope. Failed that. Honestly not hugely bothered by this in retrospect. I’ve done pretty well in 2023 even with the scrolling.

In 2024 I’d like to continue these themes:

  1. Continue targeted painted for games I want to play. I’d like to finish my Blücher terrain in January. Then bounce back to my Normandy project. I think posting photos here might be good to keep track of that.

  2. Keep reading. 25 books as a goal. Reviews will continue.

  3. Keep up the physical activity. The daily walk is so clearly holistically beneficial I need to find a way of keeping it going when the evenings get dark and the weather gets crap.

  4. Continue my music practice. I’ve managed about 20min a day most days this year. I’ve been slowly relearning theory as well and learning to play the keyboard. Maybe record something?