It’s coming to the end of the year and I’m reflecting on some predictions I made on GNR episode 30. We’ll do a wrap up of it later but I thought I’d write a little bit about my failed experiment 2017x52.

I was aiming to post at least one photo on Flickr every week this year. One photo that I liked and was taken that week (roughly).

I failed monumentally. In fact I only made it a few weeks into 2017.


It wasn’t all a waste of time though. It was primarily going to be a project to improve my photography, to try to enjoy it more, and to learn how to use tools. If you measure it by that it’s been a great success. I’ve taken some photos that I really like. I’ve learnt how to rescue photos with Lightroom.

I don’t take my camera everywhere and most of my shots are from holidays or events. It has been pointed out that they aren’t really a very good document of the events but I think that’s good. I don’t want to take photos of pretty much identical landscapes when I could be doing some edgy dutch angle low depth of field image of a leaf.


Hopefully I’ll continue to improve in 2018. Maybe I’ll learn how to do white balance properly not just make everything look a bit warm.