Supine Sourdough Redux

I’ve continued making sourdough and have been tinkering with the recipe:

  1. The flour mix now will always have granary in. Around 30% of the 500g.
  2. More salt (2 spoons). Salt is great.
  3. Mixing the flour, water, and salt together first before adding the starter. I’ve found it easier to feel when it’s thoroughly mixed. As soon as it’s mixed whack the starter in and give it a little knead together then autolyse.
  4. A little more water than previous
  5. I now take the new starter out just before the final shaping. It’s one fewer time to come back to the dough.
  6. The number of stretch and folds has come down to about 3 from the original 5.
  7. The banneton has been put away. Absolutely pointless and if your dough decides to stick to it then you’re in a world of pain.
  8. Don’t bother scoring it, let it crack naturally.
  9. Bake for 2 hours with the lid on, don’t bother taking it off for a bit.

These tweaks mean I’ve been putting in less work and getting better results. A recent loaf was what I’d call my best yet.

I think a wetter less worked dough gives this beautiful open texture. If every loaf were like this I’d be incredibly happy.