Book Review: Unruly

It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen, heard, or read anything by David Mitchell. In my teens I was really into the Mitchell and Webb Sound and Look, and Peep Show. Since then he exited my orbit. That was until I saw an interview where he talked about Unruly. It sounded fun and I was reminded of how much I enjoyed the character he plays, now he’s writing popular history books I think the real David and the character are truly merging into one.

Unruly is a sardonic romp through the Kings and Queen of England. The core idea is that they’re basically just lucky bullies. If they’re consistent with their actions and don’t have favourites then the ruling class are happy with and. Otherwise bad things happen for everyone in the kingdom. My lack of knowledge means I can’t really refute the argument.

Dave did the audiobook for it so I went for that. I’m sure the book reads just as well but I wasn’t going to risk it when I just wanted some good old DM.

It’s a fun romp. It’s also fun to go read the one star reviews. Complaints of it being sweary and not an academic work, have they ever heard of David Mitchell.

Probably not hugely worth your time if you’re deep into more academic texts, but I’m not and it was entertaining.