Book Review: Summerland

The afterlife is real because of mathematics and Brits got their first. Queen Victoria is still in charge in the 1930s. Also there are so many spies? Sounds like exactly my kind of nonsense. Very reminiscent of The Laundry Files. There’s even a quote from Charles Stross on the cover it.

The afterlife exists in the 4th dimension. Rajaniemi has created some wonderful constructs that exist in with 4D space. Really neat and consistent set of mechanics to play by. There’s only one section where I think he goes off the deep end with the Physics chat.

Rajaniemi also plays with alternate history ideas nicely. What Lenin in Summerland is very interesting.

The intrigue and spy stuff is fine. A lot of time is spent in building this wonderful world and the resolution ends up feeling a little rushed. I boshed this out in a few days, it’d appreciate another hundred more pages developing the espionage. I however don’t need a sequel, the ending is nice.

I should go back and read Rajaniemi’s other stuff, it won’t be a high priority as I’m not ready for a series at the moment.

Not sure what’s next, I’ve got about 4 books on the go at the moment.