Book Review: How to Listen to Jazz

How to Listen to Jazz by Ted Gioia has given me so much homework. Hours and hours of listening to go. So I’m not really done with the book but I have finished the reading portion.

I’ve had a passing interest in Jazz for a while but never really ventured beyond the odd playlist on Spotify. Turns out the stuff I’ve been listening to is Nu-Jazz (Bill Laurence, GoGo Penguin, Too Many Zooz, Get the Blessing).

Ted gives you some things to listen out for and an abridged history of jazz. With recommendations for the various subgenres and big hitters over the years.

So far I’ve been really enjoying the pace and skill of bebop. I’m a big fan of Charlie Parker. Free and atonal jazz are still a bit of a stretch for me.

Cracking book. I’ll be sure to check out Ted’s other books on jazz.