Book Review: Dead Silence

This one was a recommendation from a colleague. I picked it up as an audio book.

Dead Silence

It’s a very fun sci fi horror. The twist sticks the landing well and the ending is satisfying. It’s got the right amount of joking about corporations being evil, more like Alien rather than The Outer Worlds.

My one criticism is with the audiobook (from Audible, sorry). It’s read by one person who brings more performance to the reading than I’d like. There are moments where your POV character is having a bad time and is panicking, their internal monologue is also breathless/panicking in a way just feels off for statements of fact. Other characters as well very much play up to horror archetypes which, if I were reading, would be skimmed over rather than have full dramatic performances. There are moments of me thinking: “yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re seeing stuff that doesn’t make sense and is spooky. Get on with it an attack the mystery head on please”.

I recommend this as a breezy read, just get it in paper.