Book Review: A Murder of Quality

Another John le Carré (I’ve started the next one before posting this) and it’s another banger. The Yikes-O-Meter got going a few times but I expect this will be true for all of them.

Man, I fucking hate Carne and everyone from the Gown. It’s not difficult for me to dislike such establishments but JlC renders an odious place.

It’d be great to know if Smiley ever goes back to pick up the dog. That’d be very nice. Seems like he could do with a dog.

I am loving how tight the mysteries have been. There’s enough ambiguity to keep you guessing but also enough facts to have your own theories. Not sure how it’s going to be when the spy stuff really gets going.

I’ve noticed that the point of view changes are really well done. I don’t enjoy when there’s a POV change just as something huge is happening, feels like a very artificial way to maintain suspense. JlC seems to use the POV change sparingly and with good effect.

Yeah. I’m loving this series. The Spy Who Came in from the Cold is a little longer gasp! Which I think is great because so far I’ve not wanted them to end.

A complete aside. I’ve changed the URLs of a bunch of posts. A flat structure was getting untenable.