The end of March is drawing near and it has been pretty disappointing, I’ve not managed to get in any hobbying at all. I have however managed to read the bulk of the Dark Angels Codex and about half of the Daemons read. Those are quite good, I can see how the Daemons will compliment the Chaos Space Marines using the 6th edition ally system. I’m not sure that I would want to build/play a Dark Angels army but the fluff is good and man the art in it is pretty.

In terms of the Black Library I’ve plodded along with the Eisenhorn stuff but I’ve not really done much reading while on my Easter holidays. I guarantee I’ll be done with that by the next update, though I’ll probably be on the Ravenor stuff then which wont be much of a change in theme.

There appears that there is a direct relationship between my displacement from my Warhammer and my desire to paint. Right now I’m back home in Wales and I really want to paint but when I’m in Sheffield I can be sat at my desk right next to my Marines and I would rather sit there watching YouTube videos. Rather annoying.

This month I started a Dark Heresy campaign with my house mates. This is my first time being the GM for a pen and paper RPG. There is an excellent episode of The Independent Characters on the subject but basically Dark Heresy is a percentile based RPG set in the 40K universe where you play as an Acolyte of an Inquisitor. We’ve had two sessions so far, they said it went quite well but during the second session I sent my party up against too hard an enemy so we fudged the fight because we all bored and angry with it. I hope to keep this going but it’s quite hard because I am making the plot up as I go along.

Next month I hope to have a look at Tau Codex. I really want to apply my Forge World transfers to my Marines and a Rhino. I’d like to increase the pace of my reading a bit. Finally there is a new board game out from Fantasy Flight games called Relic, it is based on the Talisman system and is set in the 40K universe, it seems pretty fun and has some figs to paint in it. I aim to pick up Relic fairly soon.