Into the Meta

I finally did it! I played Netrunner with people who I don’t live with (Ben basically lives here) and it was great!

Ben, Jon and I spent a couple of hours running at Patriot Games last night. We had a great time and I think we’ll all go again, probably making it a weekly event.

I’ve got a few observations on why it was such an enjoyable evening.

It was chilled. No one there was playing super bullshit NBN Fast Advance decks. No one got tilted and grumpy. No one was a cock.

The standard of play was great. They were all better than us but we weren’t completely out of our depth. In fact if I had a more sensible play style I’d probably have taken a few games.

Good turnout. In total there were about nine of us. A comfortable amount to deal with. Always a new opponent to play against but not so many as to be overwhelming.

I think average age of players was a bit older. Three 22 year olds turning up probably lowered the average age. I think this was partially the reason that it was so chilled As Chris Spann put it:

“Once you hit about 25 most things just become too much hassle.

I think the age difference was noticeable because we were sharing the room with MtG players who were far younger and far more hyped. I was glad I was running not spell slinging.

I saw some very cool decks like a crazy Exile deck that uses the heap like the grip and a brutal RP deck that annihilated me. Hopefully they’ll inspire me to try new things.

It was a super friendly and fun environment. Counting the days down until next Wednesday!