I like podcasts and I've been on a few of them. Here's the list of things I've done:

Geek News Radio (2015-current)

This is Fab and I's current project. We talk about pretty much anything we're interested in. We get guests on, who always prove to be cooler than me. Subscribe with the RSS feed.

Angels of Death (2012-2015)

This was the first podcast I was ever on. We talked about Warhammer and it was great. If you fancy listening to some very out of date wargames chat, go here.

Steel Rain

This was a short lived podcast. We (Dan, Fab and I) talked about games. You can find the 6 episodes here.

Two Star Podcast

I was a special guest on episode 50. We joked about politics in a happier pre-Brexit world. One day they might let me back on. I even featured on the live, unrecorded D&D episode.

FOSS Talk Live

In August 2016 I was on the "Drunken Mashup Show" of FOSS Talk Live. I didn't really say a lot but ended up suggesting that games on Linux are the worst. You can find the episode here.

In 2017 I did the same. This time Marius joined us and also magically recorded us so you can watch us here.

We did it again in 2018 but this time with a different format! The video is over here.

Not As Grumpy As They Look

I was on the inaugural episode of Not As Grumpy As They Look. Ben "Icarus" Cotton's board game podcast. Since then I've been a reccurring guest.