Clojure REPL in VS Code

I’m tinkering around with Clojure at the moment and have found the tooling to be quite nice. My setup is: VS Code running on my Windows 10 machine WSL 2 running Ubuntu 20.04 Installed leiningen on Ubuntu Open VS Code and connect to the Ubuntu machine with the Remote - WSL plugin installed on Windows Install Calva on the Ubuntu side[0] Open up your clojure project and then “jack in” to the repl with “Calva: Start A Project REPL and Connect” which you can find in the standard CTRL+SHIFT+P menu, select leiningen and you’re away. [Read More]

The Warm Embrace of Apple

I recently dropped my Pixel 3a perfectly flat on the bathroom floor and utterly shattered the screen. This broke the OLED too. I tried to repair but it failed[0]. I took this opportunity to shake up my tech stack and buy an iPhone. Here are my observations so far: Everything is just buttery from a UI perspective. It’s hard to describe but it animations feel smoother. Password manager integration is amazing. [Read More]


Everywhere I’ve seen agile used it seems to stutter and fail as people get tied up in process and bike shedding. That led me to think about how I’d like to run agile sprints. So here it is: There’s a ranked and ready backlog of tasks going into sprint planning. This will be a persons full time job. They’ll gather test data, acceptance criteria, and work with stakeholders to get the priorities sorted. [Read More]

Sabaton Open Air 2018

As mentioned on various social media, podcasts, and documented on a damn wiki I went to the Sabaton Open Air festival in Falun! It was fantastic. I wont bore you with the details. I’ll just highlight the most interesting bits. Thursday’s highlight was Svartsot. I’ve listened to them for a few years and enjoyed them. A friend described them as “penny whistle metal” which isn’t technically correct but definitely gets across their folky and slightly repetitive theme. [Read More]

Eufy RoboVac 11

We got a Roomba-like. The Eufy RoboVac 11. The idea has always appealed because I know I should vacuum more but I’m really lazy. In the new house we’ve got a white kitchen floor which could be a pain to keep clean. So we got the Eufy. Why not just use a vacuum cleaner? But how often do you actually get it out of the cupboard and use it? Not as often as you’d like? [Read More]

3 Months With Todoist

TLDR: I’m still using Todoist but a bit less extremely. I’ve almost finished my free trial of Todoist so I figured I’d dump my thoughts about it again. It’s still the best TODO service I’ve seen. All my tasks still go in it and I still refer to it daily. Which is better than previous attempts at stuff like that. Recurring tasks don’t seem to work as I’d like. For example I’d like to set up a recurring task to change the sheets on the bed. [Read More]

Food Chain Magnate: First Thoughts

Since the SU&SD review of Food Chain Magnate (FCM) back in February 2016 I’ve wanted to play it. Earlier this year there as a reprint/people found some spare stock/someone made bootleg copies of it. Jen said it was worth the price tag so I got a copy and just played it. It took a good while to get to the table. It’s very complicated and needs a lot of space. The space issue meant that we waited until we got a bigger table. [Read More]

VS Code, pylint, virtualenv, pytest shenanigans!

Imagine you’re writing some code. Maybe you’re putting your recipes in git and doing CI/CD on them. Imagine you’ve got tests written in python using pytest. You’re not a complete scrub and you’re using a virtualenv. You’ve got pylint to lint your code. Your tests run. VS Code is highlighting import pytest and saying that pylint cant find the module. WAT? You’ll spend a while Googling but you wont find anything. [Read More]

Using Todoist

About a month ago Niklas from the Sixgun Discord sent me an invite to this service called Todist. Little did I know how much I needed it! Imagine a Project Tracking system like Jira but designed for life as well as being not terrible. You can make tasks, assign them to people[0], give a deadline, add some comments, and put them in projects. Pretty simple CRUD right? Well yes but the execution is where the magic is. [Read More]

An Actual Smart Thermometer

We’ve recently moved to a house rather than a flat[0]. I’ve noticed that adjusting radiators to get equal temperatures in various rooms is an art not a science. I know the Nest exists but it’s not smart enough. Here’s what I want: Firstly just ditch the cloud. The small use case of turning your boiler on/off remotely are vastly outweighed by the internet of shit. Our thermostat is positioned in the hall which has no radiator so there’s quite a delayed response. [Read More]