Magic: The Gathering: Arena: Wildcards: Attack of the Colons

If you've followed me on Twitter (oh yeah I'm back there now), or listened to me talk on podcasts in the last month, you'll know that I'm back into Magic: The Gathering. I'm back because they've got a Hearthstone-like game which is excellent.

Unlike in Magic: The Gathering: Online (MODO) there's no trading between users. On one hand this is keeping you from having digital doodads being "worth" money but it also prevents you getting the decks you want quickly.

You get cards through packs, when you open packs and when you get duplicates you accumulate Wildcards which do what you think they'd do: they can be redeemed for any card. Lovely. The Wildcards have rarity e.g. common, uncommon, rare, and mythic. They can be redeemed for cards of exactly that rarity. So if I want an Aurelia I can exchange 1 mythic Wildcard for one copy of Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice. Great.

This is like a "more simple" version of Hearthstone's dust system when you can turn unwanted cards into dust which you spend on cards you want.

Conceptually it's really simple but it leaves me in a really annoying position. I'm trying to build a nice Izzet Drake deck. I'm almost exactly where I want to be but I'm currently grinding out coins to open packs to get wildcards to get those rare lands. I really don't want to buy packs with £££ to sort my mana base out. What I want to do is use my other Wildcards because right now I have:

  • 13 Common
  • 10 Uncommon
  • 0 Rare
  • 4 Mythic

If I were building loads of different decks these would be useful but that's not my style.

WotC want me to buy loads of packs and I really cant be bothered. I only want to buy packs to play limited because just opening them seems like poor value.

Will this stop me playing? No. Will it make me grumble? Forever.

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