Kill Team Board: Progress and Disaster

I've been making slow progress. I picked up the brush and filler to get stippling. I gave it a good shot and I think it looked pretty good.

I did two of the six boards just in case it failed.
Up close, looks a bit like this. Reminds me of my parents ceilings.

As soon as the boards were dry I noticed a problem. They had warped! The corners have pulled up a smidge which means when they're on the table they wobble slightly. However putting them next to each other, the magnets give them some stability. Ok. Not the worst, I'd half expected this to happen.

A week or so later, after a trip to the art store to buy various shades of brown, I set about painting. The results are below:

Notice the texture, how it's all gone.

I thinned the paints with some water because they're thick af. I applied some paint, moved it around a little, fucked it. Turns out the filler I've used is super water soluble.

What am I going to do? I'm going to buy some outdoors, water resistant polyfiller and try again. If that doesn't work, a little cry and a big rethink.

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