I've not written about Hive here before. I'm not sure why. I sort of assumed that I already had. I'll recommend it to basically anyone. It's such a pure and neat little game.


You'll be placing and moving some really sturdy hexagonal pieces around the hive in order to pin your opponents Bee. At any point if your opponent's Bee is entirely surrounded you win! Simple right? WRONG.

Hive is modern chess. Hive is deep. There are tactics/strategies galore. How do you effectively use your Ants to lock down opponents pieces? How to you prevent your opponents Beatles sitting on your Bee? How on earth do you use Grasshoppers without being super obvious?

Like chess each type of piece moves in a different way. Ants can zoom around the hive. Beetles can climb atop. Grasshoppers hop. Spiders leap exactly 3 spaces as they do in nature. Each piece is unique. The Bee moves really really slowly.


The game is as fast as you're willing to play. You can quickly make moves with a timer of ponder your moves over a cup of coffee. No matter the result you'll want to play again immediately. There's a tactile joy to moving the pieces and an intellectual thrill when your opponent falls into your carefully constructed trap. The joy of winning or the burning desire to come up with a way to defeat your opponent's strategies.

You can take the magic of Hive anywhere. The pocket version (the best version) comes in a neat Trangia-eque bag which will fit into an oversized pocket or any bag. It's solid boardgame gold.


Go buy Hive. It's one of my favourite games and it'll be one of yours. It's £15 on Amazon right now. Go on. Do it. Get it now.

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