After I completely destroyed the opposition in our first #4Feldherren I've apparently agreed to 1000pts of Blood Angels. Here's what I see myself painting:

  • A squad of Hellblasters because they look rad and are simple so I can really nail the basics of the colours scheme.
  • Lemartes
  • Astorath
  • 2 Squads of Death Company. No idea how I'll build them. Mike put some good ideas in my head during the last episode but people on Twitter have been telling me that El Regularo Death Company are where it's at in terms of points efficiency.

That'll probably do it points wise. I'd love to add a flyer into the mix as I've never had one before but I currently don't have the space to store one.

You can find Fab's commitment over here. Joe's is here and Niklas' is here. Mike has yet to do a post.

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