I'm still making progress towards finishing my 4 Feldherren commitments. I've finished Roboute Guilliman pictured below. He was great fun to paint. I decided to omit the very fragile flaming torches from the base. I've finished a squad of the Sternguard Veterans. This squad took ages to finish. I went slightly over board with the magnetisation. It turns out magnets in the gun grip hand will do perfectly rather than

x1101 sent a question to the podcast a few weeks back about what we're listening to these days. At this moment I've got 29 feeds in my podcatcher (I still use Pocket Casts, recently it got SONOS support). I wont bore you with the full list but I'll go through some of the choice cuts. All Units is Sean McTiernan's two year project to disect the Thriller movie. I don't

On the last episode of Geek News Radio we (Joe, Mike, Fab and I) decided to embark on #4Feldherren. This is basically A Tale of Four Warlords but with a German hashtag. The idea is that we commit to painting some miniatures by a date, report progress and hopefully get some games in. Fab is going to try to finish his Word Bearers, Mike is doing a custom Space Marine

I was given Ican Gold for my birthday back in February. Last weekend we finally took it for a spin. Incan Gold puts you and your pals in a Indiana Jones style situation where you're venturing into some ruined temple and completely unethically stealing all their stuff while trying not to be killed by rock slides, fire, spiders, et al. Everyone takes their turn at the same time. This is

It's another card game from Fantasy Flight! It's got the Star Wars licence! It's not an LCG? WHAT? I saw Star Wars Destiny then forgot about. I thought it was impossible for FFG to put out two Star Wars card games at the same time. That'd be madness surely? WELL, NO. Rob got two starter sets and we played a it today! It's a symmetric a primarily 1v1 game where