Bolt Action!

It has finally happened! I played a full wargame involving scale miniatures! Prior to this weekend the last time I played a wargame I played was a singular game of Infinity with Jack and it was the only game of it I ever played. I went to the Sheffield Uni club and played with Icarus and damn was it fun. My Finnish force faced of against the might Italians. I [Read More]

A Week with the Pixel C

I'm keeping it. I'm not sure I need to say more really. It's an excellent device with some flaws in the software that fingers crossed will get fixed. In the last week I've been using it as much as I think I used my laptop and tablet beforehand. Writing these posts, Chromecasting stuff to the TV, tweaking and updating servers. It's handled everything very well. The battery life is great. [Read More]

3 Days with the Pixel C

I've had the Pixel C for three days and I have to say I love it! I've done all my non gaming "computing" on it. It's handled it really well! Browsing the web has been really nice. Obviously some websites are just intrinsically shit like Tesco but everything else has worked well. On occasion I've accidentally clicked a link when I meant to scroll which was quite annoying but it [Read More]

Pixel C Gut Reactions

The Pixel C arrived today. I read a new review that was quite disparaging about it this morning (before I had mine). Like most reviews it complained about flakey keyboard and WiFi connections, poor app experiences and general poor performance. Well, I've been playing with it for two and a half hours so far and as far as I can tell these problems don't exist! Or at least I've got [Read More]

Pixel C Preamble

I've wanted to replace my laptop for some time now. It's a Lenovo U300s from 2012 and it has done a valiant job. I've tried countless Linux distros on it, done mountains of University work on it and lugged it all over the place. These days my usage has changed. I don't code on it. I don't need to take it to University to do work. I use it to [Read More]

Guitar Hero Live

I picked up Guitar Hero Live (GHL) the other day on the advice of Chris Scullion. He compared GHL and Rock Band 4 (RB4) and to cut to the chase, I picked GHL because it has my all time favorite song (Always With Me Always With You by Joe Satriani). Last generation I was on the RB side of the fence. There was very little difference between them other than [Read More]

GNR Episode 25

We've done a lot of podcasts. They always go long and they are always fun, but GNR episode 25 was one of the longest and definitively the most fun. Fab and I were joined by AlphaChar who continues the tradition of guests being way more interesting and cool than me. We chatted about board games, gin, sci fi and fantasy novels. I once again buy an ebook live on the [Read More]

Running Patriot's Nets

On Saturday I finally went to a tournament at Patriot Games in Sheffield. I double booked myself so missed the Regionals there early this year. I took a bog standard Pre-Paid Kate deck and a HB:EtF Mega Server deck which ultimately was there to score out but hoped to pull of a Marcus Batty and NEXT Gold combo. I took Kate because she’s so damn reliable! Up until [Read More]

Quinns' Netrunner Tournament For Beginners!

My friend Ben and I went to our very first Netrunner tournament on Saturday. It was being run by Quinns (the one from Shut Up and Sit Down) in the Loading Bar in Dalston. The day started off at 06:30 and getting a 08:29 train from Sheffield to LONDON. That went swimmingly. A lovely woman sat next to us and was fairly interested in Ben’s last minute [Read More]

Into the Meta

I finally did it! I played Netrunner with people who I don’t live with (Ben basically lives here) and it was great! Ben, Jon and I spent a couple of hours running at Patriot Games last night. We had a great time and I think we’ll all go again, probably making it a weekly event. I’ve got a few observations on why it was such an enjoyable [Read More]