The Data Pack Dilemma

Data packs, I’ve explained what they are in a previous post about Android: Netrunner but basically they are small expansion packs to the game.

With data packs you seem to have two options:

  • Buy all the data packs to get up to date with the meta. Your local meta or the netdeck meta.
  • Don’t buy the data packs just yet and play with what you have.

I’m torn because I already love Netrunner and want to play as much as possible but I don’t want to drop all the cash straight away. I feel that if I were to go to my local game stores I’d need all the data packs to stay current yet I also feel that one could play with the core set for weeks or months before needing to get data packs if I stick with playing house-mates and friends.

I may have already made my decision by picking up the first three packs but I’m still torn as to when I pick up more.


  2 comments for “The Data Pack Dilemma

  1. magicman92
    2014/03/24 at 14:16

    Use it as a treat? So after a big piece of work, buy a data pack; finished exams, buy a data pack etc. Also good for little gifts from peeps too!

    • 2014/03/24 at 21:51

      True! They’re £12 ish so can probably be used as treats a bit more regularly too.

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