GOTY 1993-2017

Superuser on the Discord has requested I participate in this meme/chain letter. Superuser's is here. The idea is that you pick the Game of the Year for every year you've been around. Mine are as follows: 1993: Probably crying 1994: Same as last year 1995: Sand pit 1996: Drawing Read More

Fire TV Stick

I bought a Fire TV Stick. Despite the adverts featuring one Jeremy Clarkson (if Amazon could stop marketing towards centrist dads that'd be amazing). Why though? Well we've been using the Xbox One as the media center/hub/platform for ages now. I bought the Xbone with my first real Read More

Warhammer 40K 8th Edition GOTY 2017

I guess I'm being contrarian this year by picking the latest incarnation of 40K to be my Game of the Year. Especially as the only people who seem to take GOTY seriously are video games people. 2017 has been a big year for 40K. The game has changed a lot. Read More


It's coming to the end of the year and I'm reflecting on some predictions I made on GNR episode 30. We'll do a wrap up of it later but I thought I'd write a little bit about my failed experiment 2017x52. I was aiming to post at least one photo Read More

Pixel 2

I post about two things here, games and Google products. I bought a Pixel 2 (non XL 64GB) and it arrived yesterday. My oh my is this a lovely device. No weird issues with keyboards like the Pixel C. Just a beautiful device with rock solid software (so far). We'll Read More

State of the Podcasts September 2017

x1101 sent a question to the podcast a few weeks back about what we're listening to these days. At this moment I've got 29 feeds in my podcatcher (I still use Pocket Casts, recently it got SONOS support). I wont bore you with the full list but I'll go through Read More


On the last episode of Geek News Radio we (Joe, Mike, Fab and I) decided to embark on #4Feldherren. This is basically A Tale of Four Warlords but with a German hashtag. The idea is that we commit to painting some miniatures by a date, report progress and hopefully get Read More

Incan Gold is no Deep Sea Adventure

I was given Ican Gold for my birthday back in February. Last weekend we finally took it for a spin. Incan Gold puts you and your pals in a Indiana Jones style situation where you're venturing into some ruined temple and completely unethically stealing all their stuff while trying not Read More

Star Wars Destiny

It's another card game from Fantasy Flight! It's got the Star Wars licence! It's not an LCG? WHAT? I saw Star Wars Destiny then forgot about. I thought it was impossible for FFG to put out two Star Wars card games at the same time. That'd be madness surely? WELL, Read More

NaGatL Episode 4

We're back for episode 4! We chat about Ben crashing his car, going to Black Library Live, Blood Bowl, Netrunner, and field some questions from our most excellent listeners. Ben's post is here with the feed available here. Read More

Pixel C Ten Months On

It's been almost ten months since I got the Pixel C so I think it's about time I got around to writing more about it. I think I promised I would "finalise" my thoughts on it on an episode of GNR. If you're looking for a mid review Read More

NaGatL - Episode 3

Fab used the remote kill switch he installed in my PC to prevent me recording episode 3 of Not as Grumpy they Look a few weeks back. We managed to sneak a recording in without Fab noticing and here it is! We chat a lot about LCGs and party games. Read More

Not as Grumpy as they Look

My good friend Icarus has started a podcast! A spin-off if you will, from his blog Not as Grumpy as He Looks. More importantly, I'm on the first episode! We talk about board games, randomised combat mechanics, I attempt to talk about EVE after a couple of glasses of wine Read More

Not Your Dad's Sky

I played No Man's Sky for the first time today. It's alright. I can hear the internet scream "BUT DAVE! WHERE'S THE HOT TAKE? WHAT ABOUT THE BRAND?" Deal with it. I came into NMS knowing pretty much nothing about how it all works or really what it Read More

Halo 5

I've got a love hate hate relationship with Halo 5. I am inexplicably invested in a series where the main character emotes less than a block of cheese. Since Halo 3 I've been hooked. The teenage power fantasy of being that power armoured super soldier still appeals and probably always Read More

Another Attempt At Organising My Life

It's that time again (just over a year in fact), I'm attempting to be organised. Well at least have a plan about what I'm doing. I probably should look back at what worked and what didn't from the last attempt. Pomodoro timers? Well that depends on what you're doing really Read More

Bolt Action!

It has finally happened! I played a full wargame involving scale miniatures! Prior to this weekend the last time I played a wargame I played was a singular game of Infinity with Jack and it was the only game of it I ever played. I went to the Sheffield Uni Read More

A Week with the Pixel C

I'm keeping it. I'm not sure I need to say more really. It's an excellent device with some flaws in the software that fingers crossed will get fixed. In the last week I've been using it as much as I think I used my laptop and tablet beforehand. Writing these Read More

3 Days with the Pixel C

I've had the Pixel C for three days and I have to say I love it! I've done all my non gaming "computing" on it. It's handled it really well! Browsing the web has been really nice. Obviously some websites are just intrinsically shit like Tesco but everything Read More

Pixel C Gut Reactions

The Pixel C arrived today. I read a new review that was quite disparaging about it this morning (before I had mine). Like most reviews it complained about flakey keyboard and WiFi connections, poor app experiences and general poor performance. Well, I've been playing with it for two and a Read More