Do you like pooping cubes onto planets to assert your dominance? WHO DOESN’T!! Quantum is a dice based, space themed “annoy your friends game”.  You control a fleet of ships represented by dice with an aim to placing (pooping) all of your QUANTUM CUBES. The key to Quantum is how your ships work. At the start of the game you… Read more →


Skull* is probably the perfect game. It’s certainly perfect to play in pubs. You don’t even need to buy it because you can make it with a pen and some beer mats. Each player has four cards/tiles/beer mats. Three cards have roses on them, the other has a skull. The cards are played face down. The aim of the game is… Read more →

Board Game “Reviews” Incoming

As it’s exam period once again we’ve been playing a lot more board games. This has lead to us purchasing some very snazzy new games. We’ve been very lucky and ended up only getting good ones. We’ve played them all a few times so I think I’ve got the feel of them. Read more →